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Wash Your Car

person drying a bright red car with a yellow rag

Summer nights in Austin, TX are a good time to wash your vehicle. If you’re one to commute to work or school, or if you park your car under the stars, your car has endured the elements and has been exposed to dust and other particles. In this week’s Cricket Hollow Apartments Blog, we’ve got some tips for you on how you can more efficiently clean your car.

Detail the Interior

The interior of your car is the part that you and your passengers interact with the most. Take the time to vacuum the seats and carpet under your floor mats to remove any small particles. Wipe down any dusty parts of the dashboard, center console, and other spots in your car.

Wash the Exterior

Your car is exposed to all sorts of dust and particles when you drive and that can cause your car to look dull and dirty, so we recommend washing the exterior of your vehicle often. Invest in some car soap and give your beloved car a wash. Start from the top and work your way down; this will allow gravity to aid you in dragging dust and dirt down to the ground. You will also reduce the chances that your washcloth picks up anything that could scratch your paint surface.

Word of caution: Don’t use dish soap. It will strip your car’s wax and cause your car to look dull!


It’s natural to have trash accumulate in your car, so place a trash can inside of it so that you have a place to put your garbage. Remove any clutter and organize your necessary car items. Since it’s not a good idea to let your necessary car items lay around, we suggest investing in an organizer for your trunk. Then, placing those items in an easy-to-reach space will be quick and simple.

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